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Two Lanterns Games, the creed:

1) Games teach in under 15' and play in under 45'.  We'd rather have you beg for a rematch than pray for an ending.

2) Games are continuously strategic without being paralytic.
3) Games may lead you to believe you are sitting fireside in an 18th century tavern. 
4) Thinking will improve your chances of winning. Having a beer won't hurt them...much.

We hope Two Lanterns Games can illuminate your 2-player gaming!

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Agility Video Rulebook

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Agility: 19.95

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As with Morels, we thought it would be fun to have humorous t-shirts available for Agility! As

a small business (Mom and Pop in the truest sense!), these help defray our shipping costs from our house and travel costs for attending conventions to share the game with new players.

We hope they bring many a smile! Both designs are available in sizes S-XXL in 50/50 cotton blend for  longevity and comfort.

3 Players

4 Players

          The sky breaks blue and bright over a mouth-watering field of obstacles. Your team of agility dogs is eager to breathtakingly weave the poles, sail over hurdles, blast through tunnels, round corners at top speed with fur a-tussle, and harness lightning while waiting for your cue on the trust-testing pause box. The Husky’s glacier blue eyes are clear and focused, the Golden Retriever mirrors the sun with radiant energy, and the feisty little Jack Russell pup is ready to bound for the win with you in this 2-player game of vision and versatility.

Morels t-shirt.  Organic cotton!  Our friend in Portland, OR designed these and we're happy to be pumping his hilarity into the gaming community.  If ordering, please send us an email or include a note in your Paypal purchase specifying your preferred size(s). We currently have sizes S, L, and XL in stock.

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Morels T-Shirt

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The Cards


          The woods are old-growth, dappled with sunlight.  Delicious mushrooms beckon from every grove and hollow.  Morels may be the most sought-after in these woods, but there are many tasty and valuable varieties awaiting the savvy collector. Bring a basket if you think it's your lucky day. Forage at night and you will be all alone when you stumble upon a bonanza. If you're hungry, put a pan on the fire and bask in the aroma of chanterelles as you saute them in butter. Feeling mercantile?  Sell porcini to local aficionados for information that will help you find what you seek deep in the forest.

Agility T-Shirts

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Morels, Awards and Honors:

2012 BGG Best 2-Player Game Nominee

2012 BGG Best Card Game Nominee

2014 Games Mag. Best New Card Game Winner

2014 Fairplay A La Carte Nominee (Germany)

2014 IGA General Strategy: 2-Players Nominee

Last fall, crackling fires wreathed the mountains. This spring, light-wielding thunderstorms roiled the valleys. Now, with summer come early and a glowing moon overhead, the soil is moist and black and delicious mushrooms are peeking up all over the forest. The Foray is on!

​Morels Foray expands Morels with new items, characters, weather, a more dynamic forest, and unique systems enabling 2-4 players. 

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